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Using the knowledge we have gained through various experiences working with fire alarms, burglar alarms and CCTV systems, Live-Link has designed a wire free nurse call system which incorporates both printing and paging.

Over the years we have updated our products to meet with the ever changing environments of Nursing Homes, Residential Homes and Hospitals. We have adapted our products to meet with the needs of the Residents.

Evolving continuously to our

Clients needs

Over the years we have updated our products to meet with the ever changing environments of Nursing Homes, Residential Homes and Hospitals. We have adapted our products to meet with the needs of the Residents.

By consulting with staff and residents, we are able to establish what they feel are the most important requirements of the equipment. The most popular product which we have is the Live-Link Movement Sensor. This unique piece of equipment can be used to monitor residents leaving their beds or their rooms and can also be linked into a chair sensor pad, making it the ideal accessory to aid the fall prevention program run for the elderly and infirm.

A flexible system

This sensor can also be linked in to the majority of nurse call systems that are on the market today. Many of our customers are taking advantage of our 7 day free trial which allows them to see how the sensor can benefit them in monitoring a resident or elderly relative and how it can help to aid fall prevention.

We also offer our Stainless Steel Chair/Bed plate with a 7 day free trial and this works in conjunction with the Movement Sensor. As opposed to the bed and chair pads that are currently on the market today which may only last a few months, our chair/bed plate also comes with a 3 year warranty. Replaceable covers for the chair/bed plate can be purchased from us so that hygienic standards can be maintained.


Wakefield Council is very much involved in the innovative approach and use of Telecare Equipment. After a short research, we got in touch with Live Link, who gave a demonstration of the Live Link motion detector. This was exactly what we had been looking for. The main small challenge was getting this sensor out into use and making sure the end users were confident with this newly added piece of equipment. We put it into Care Home settings and Respite. Wakefield have been using the Live-Link for a considerable number of years now and would highly recommend them where residents might cause challenging behaviour as they are extremely robust and tamper-proof. The outcome of using the Live Link was all staff using them requested them against other motion detectors, and the feedback was they are the most reliable and responsive motion detector that is used within Telecare.

Frances Thomson,  Assertive Technology Development Manager,  Wakefield Council

Colten Care have been using the Live-Link Movement Sensor across their 21 Care Homes for the last ten years. Currently we have approximately 250 across the group. The units are linked into our Nurse Call System's and have proved to be invaluable to our staff in alerting them to residents who leave their beds or chairs. The staff are then quickly in attendance to help people who otherwise are vulnerable to falls. Delivery of the Live-Link Movement Sensor to our Care Homes is predominantly next day. It is our intention to continue to use these for the foreseeable future.

Tim Jones, Senior Buyer  Colten Care

I am truly amazed we returned a sensor back to live link which we purchased in 2010 that required a service, and it still worked with the original batteries in place, the sensors we now have in place have the movement beam and have been a real plus for us rather than the sensor mat, Tom at Live Link has supported this service since 2006 when he became our provider of our nurse call systems. Well done to Tom and everyone at Live Link and many thanks.

Jennie Marshall, Apple Tree Care Home

After the initial ""learning curve"" we have nothing but praise for the reliability, flexibility and ease of operation of the system. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for their telephone support on the odd occasion that we needed advice.

Michael Banks, The Chestnuts, Kent

I am 100% satisfied with the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the whole system, and was also 100% satisfied with likewise the whole installation of the system. Mr Cullen worked quickly, very tidily, unobtrusively, completing all the operation in just one full day. Staff training was also satisfactory, I have no complaints whatsoever and highly recommend Live-Link in all respects.

Eunice G. Kirk, The Millfield Retirement Home, Keswick

We had to replace our Nurse Call System both at St Josephs Nursing Home and St Francis Nursing Home in Littlehampton. This is to testify to our great satisfaction with the professional way we were dealt with, the care and consideration shown to the Staff and Patients during installation, the neat job and lack of mess throughout and the continued professional way any minor queries are dealt with. All our staff agree that the new system has already proved its value.

Sister Anastasia, St Joseph's Convent, Littlehampton

Thank you for your excellent service over the last 8 years. During this time, we have ordered around 140 units which have been very effective in helping us to reduce our falls in our group. The Live-Link movement sensors are very cost effective and simple to use and hardly ever go wrong. I look forward to many more years of working together. I wish you and your team well during these most difficult of times. Best wishes.

Taki Jaffer, Brookvale Healthcare

We are a 22 bedded care home for elderly ladies & gents plus those who suffer from dementia. We have several of the new sensors in place in service users bedrooms. They are very versatile and also very reliable. Excellent all round. They give us peace of mind throughout the night & day.

Mrs A.J. Farrer, Proprietor, The Knells Country House Ltd, Cumbria